Memory Blankets

T-shirt blankets are a fabulous way to take t-shirts and repurpose them into a blanket that reflects your memories. I've made several with different themes: cheerleading, concerts, sports, travel, clubs and even one made from shirts from grade school through grad school. It's a great way to clean out that closet. I must say this isn't for everyone. There are a few people that treasure their shirts and want them as is forever. Please ask permission to have them to cut up prior to taking them.

This is a customized item, so these are some examples of blankets I’ve made in the past. Please contact me and we can start a conversation about turning your t-shirt pile into a memory blanket. The first part of the process is to know how many t-shirts you wish to have on the blanket. We would then discuss layout, thickness of blanket, backing choices and other options. Once it is decided that you wish for me to make it, you will ship the tees to me. Once I receive them, the blanket will take four weeks to create.